You are going through a lot of things right now and want to focus on what you are trying to accomplish. I believe you deserve the best and I will give you my full 110% in coaching you to be successful. 

What your coaching session could look like, below is an example of the flow of a coaching plan. this is not set in stone and isn't a formula but they represent the 5 pillars of the approach with which I coach. every person and situation is different and requires a tailored approach but to give you an idea of the impact coaching can have on your life. I want to deliver a deep and powerful coaching experience for you, one that will give you the change you want. 


 Rest is the first of my core values when I start with a new client. Whether it is to coach someone for moving on from addiction to coaching someone to achieve the next step in their career. 

 Our lives are extremely rushed and busy these days, in fact, we are busier then we have ever been in human history. Our brains are constantly receiving information from a large variety of sources, the internet, television, radio, our social and work surroundings even at home we are confronted by the information we need to process in regards to our family it hardly stops until we put our heads down. 

This constant stream of information and all of the activities that you have to be a part of can stop you from spending to much time on any one subject and it is our nature to quickly look over a situation and move on to the next without much thinking.  

Most of the time this is just fine as most things are so routine or simple they don't require us to take too much time to stop and think.

 But every so often there are things we have to take a moment to pause for before we move on to the next item on the agenda. To pause and to take rest, rest to heal, to talk through and to regain strength. No one can give their best if they are tired and weary, so before we start taking action and planning how we are going to conquer your mountain I want you to rest and to talk me through your story, your ambitions and dreams. I want you to feel relaxed and we must build our trust.  Trust can only be built if you are feeling like you can rest and relax, to come to yourself and talk from the heart in an open and honest way.  

 This is the relationship I want to create with you, I want you to feel like you can truly rest in our sessions and re-energise yourself for the steps that are ahead of the steps that will be planned in your plan once we evaluate 


 When you have rested and are comfortable to have shared about yourself and your dreams and plans it is time to evaluate and plan our strategy for your specific situation. We will test if your plan is achievable and what needs to done to prepare you. What skills need training and what mindset do you have when you approach each step of this plan. We will evaluate when you are ready to move on to the next step.


 We will advance with confidence knowing that we are now equipped with the skills and the mindset to effectively achieve our goal. 

You will advance to your new life and your next goal

You have advanced from a position of weakness to a position of strength.

 Just a wee chat follows these core principles to coach you to success and mentor you to a bright and successful future.

 They lie at my heart and are integral to how I have overcome and come out victorious in my battles against drugs, illness and depression. 

From the cold streets of Amsterdam to the hospital bed in the royal in Belfast, it is these principles that have kept me going and it is why I am still here today despite what life has thrown at me.  

Often I am reluctant to tell my life story because I just want to help others and never felt that my life was that special, there are millions of people like me and many with histories far worse and more spectacular but then I remember that it is not the point of how big and bad your past is but how you can successfully inspire others to not have to get anywhere near to having to even think to have such a life and story and that me telling my story and me sharing my experience can do that.  So that's when I decided that it didn't matter what I thought of my testimony it was about how it could positively impact the lives of others and help them to move forward from anything in their lives they feel is holding them back. 

This is what we will do and how we will start to transform your life.   These steps taken with a coach will be of such benefit to you and will transform your life forever.  If This is of interest to you and you believe that I can be the catalyst to inspire and coach you to your vision please get in touch by signing up below. 

The plans we offer are tailored to the needs and wishes of the client r I can offer more or fewer hours in a custom made plan we set up together in our initial consultation. this first FREE SESSION  will be to get an in-depth outline of your goal and the path to getting there. here we will look at your personal needs and what area of your life you want to have coaching and or mentoring in.  In this chat, you will get to know me and I will get to know you a little. we will have the chance to connect and together we will form a plan of action. 

So get in touch for your  FREE SESSION




Plans & Pricing

The plans we offer are tailored to the three most common types of client requirements but these are of course not set and I can offer more or fewer hours in a custom made plan we set up together in our initial 30 FREE CONSULTATION CALL. In the consultation call, we will discuss the area of your life you want to make changes in and move forward from. We will discuss what coaching method best suits you and set out a plan to achieve your success in the area of your life we have aimed for.


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