Everybody has it is sometimes, the feeling that they just couldn't be bothered.  You wake up in the morning and it feels like the only right thing to do is put your duvet or blanket back over your head and go back to the dreamworld you had just left. 

Or you have a task lying ahead of you that you find challenging or difficult for some reason and the overwhelming complexity or hard work involved in getting it done work as a repellent rather than a welcome and exciting challenge. 


Lack of motivation could also come from an outside source which has nothing to do with the task. Sometimes lack of motivation comes from another person or group that discourages you or ridicule you or plain simply show no interest in what it is that you have to do, or the group or individual makes you feel under pressure to perform perfectly and you don't feel like you are up for the task.    This is often the kind of pressure we receive from those closest to us, like our family or friends circle or in our place of work form our colleagues or boss. Our surroundings have a profound impact on our feelings of vitality and motivation.


So you just couldn't be arsed anymore and throw in the towel? 

The first thing was confidence in your abilities and skills that could have a deadly impact on your motivation.

The second thing I mentioned was your surroundings, they in large influence the way you feel and view yourself and can completely drain you despite the fact you are extremely capable of said task. 


To feel completely unmotivated to undertake a task will result in the task being done subpar, below your abilities and in truth, it will be an embarrassment when you look back.  


You don't want to start anything including your day when you are suffering from a lack of motivation. It will have an impact on everything you do through that day or period you are affected. 


So how do we go about getting rid of that incredibly heavy feeling which literally is like a heavyweight around your neck arms and legs holding you down? What action can you undertake to get rid of that feeling? 


Personally, if I have to think of the time I was least motivated of all to even continue to breath was on what could have easily been my deathbed.  As I was lying in isolation in the hospital because I was suspected to have TB. During that time I had to literally motivate. Myself to keep breathing. The world seemed so dark and the chances of accomplishing everyone's goal including my own, to get better and healthy again seemed like an impossible task at times.  


The lack of motivation stems from your mind narrowing its view and focusing only on the task ahead. The daunting prospect of havi g to deliver paralyses the mind and to keep it active we need to shift our focus and broaden our view. 


Why am I going to undertake this task? 


Who will it benefit? 


Often a task will not only be of benefit or value to just you so by the acknowledgement of the other beneficiaries you shift the importance and often that will motivate us to and lift the weight. 


Personally, I was lying there with tubes and needles attached to me. I thought of my children, the only thought powerful enough to motivate me at that point was that my kids deserved a father to love them and protect them and stand by them as they grew up. 


Now that image was powerful enough to break any motivational chain I had holding me down. Now that was an example of an extreme situation but the principle applies to every situation where you suffer from a lack of motivation. 


Broaden your situational perspective and allow yourself to see the reasoning behind the task. 


Put your full self into the accomplishment of the said task and once you do and look back it will motivate you for the next task. It will have a domino effect in your life.  A cascading of positive outcomes of tasks you weren't motivated to undertake will completely renew your mind and break the chains of demotivation and replace them with a feeling of excitement and eagerness to complete any task or challenge because you know what you are doing it for and see how it will impact that which is important to you. 


So the next time a package of I couldn't be arsed gets delivered to you, return I to sender and realise that you are highly motivated to bring about the larger objective. 


Thank you for reading this and remember if you struggle to stay focused on what is important just a wee chat can help you refocus you on what is of real value to you...