The pursuit of freedom


From the moment you are born you are bound by something. you are bound to your parents and are dependant on them and have to obey them and live by their rules. The restrictions to your freedom placed on you by your parents or carers are done out of love and are meant to protect you from harm, both physical and mental harm.


This is the kind of freedom most of us are happy to give up. this type of freedom also goes for freedoms taken from you by authorities like the police, teachers, government, etc. It makes us feel safe and for most of us, we would not even notice this freedom has been given up.


Now the freedom we seek is usually a different type of freedom, people go to great lengths to be free from obligations, they want to not have to have to go to their inlaws, or they want to be free to miss your deadline and get a night's sleep.. the list goes on. and its the type of freedom which is easiest to get because it solely depends on you and your decisions. you say I want to be free from this and it is so. it might have consequences but there is nothing much you have to do to obtain that freedom. Anyone can get it.


The freedom from obligations is one, another type of freedom we often pursue is freedom to live free from financial burden. Again, people go to great lengths to obtain this freedom, it is the type of freedom that is most popular, it is the popular kid in school. When you are in pursuit of financial freedom it is very easy to lose freedom altogether and become bound by that exact pursuit. be careful to not lose your freedom in the pursuit of it.


The freedom we all really want is to feel the way we did when we were as we were at the beginning, we all want to be back under the protective freedom of our childhood or the ideal thereof. in that freedom, we are free to express ourselves without reservation and we are free to learn without embarrassment, to be free to think without self-imposed limits, because truly the only limits on the freedom you seek most are the limits you place on it yourself.


Sit down in a quiet place and take a minute to calm yourself.

Close your eyes and breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. keep doing this slowly and become aware of your breathing as the air goes in and out of your lungs.


You will feel that your heart begins to slow down and your thoughts start to slow down with them.


Stay aware of your breathing and imagine yourself completely free. imagine your ideal life, your ideal emotional and mental state. if you want to think of a memory when you were happiest and then imagine that into your perfect free life.


And as you breath start thinking about how you are going to go about getting there.


Imagine you making that important phone call and the outcome step by step.


Imagine taking that trip you need to make and what can happen along the way, what you need to be prepared for etc


Imagine starting that face to face conversation you have been putting off, imagine it from start to finish, prepare yourself for what might come.


Keep slowly breathing in and out and focus on your breathing as your thoughts are forming. 


Now as you can imagine these steps you should write them down, as they will help you as you start eliminating steps one by one. set them as a goal to reach every month or every two months and step by step discipline yourself to reach that freedom you imagined.


Every time you ask yourself why you are doing something, check if it is part of the plan and if it is scratch it off the to-do list. The visual confirmation of progress will keep on motivating you.


Hang your grand plan on your fridge door or keep it in your diary. I put it as a screensaver on my phone so every time I put my phone down and it goes into the power-saving mode I am reminded.


It is a simple but powerful tool you can use, it will help you to distinguish in what you are doing, whether it is part of your happiness and freedom plan or if you work against yourself or simply not making any progress. that is probably more dangerous to do for to long run than to make mistakes and jeopardize your goal because a mistake will keep you on edge but no progress but no mistakes mean that you are standing still and when you stand still it is so easy to get complacent.


So stay active and make moves that you have planned to lead you on the path to your personal freedom. you are worth it and you are capable of it, don't let anyone including yourself tell you otherwise and when you start losing your focus sit down and take a minute to breathe.


Thank you for listening today, I hope you got something out of it and it encourages you to keep going in your pursuit of freedom.


and remember your journey could begin with just a wee chat.