My name is Rohan, and I am excited to have the opportunity to chat with you through this wee message and tell you a little about myself and why I think I can really help you achieve your goals.  Being a coach means taking on the responsibility to improve and train your skills and talents and recognize and undiscovered talents and potential to prepare you for the road that leads to your goal. I deeply care about people and their lives and have seen around me that many people struggle with various things that are overcomeable by changing the way you approach the problem. I hope to show you that there are ways and techniques to control your mindset and influence your surroundings in a positive way that will benefit you.

 . Being down does not in any way mean do not get back up! It is a choice to remain to lie down when you are knocked over the same way it is a choice to get back up and move forward. My Passion lies in helping you move on from where you do not any longer want to be. When you have said that to yourself you have done half of the work, let me help you with the other half. 


As a licensed coach-mentor, counsellor and a student in Bsc Psychology, I want to help you achieve your goals by giving you the tools and techniques required to set goals and accomplish them.  I believe my story has prepared me to be of service to others in helping them accomplish their goals and realize their dreams.


Experienced In dealing with addiction, depression, illness, relationships, anxiety, anger and recovery, I am very privileged to have the opportunity to talk to others about their issues and troubles but also their dreams and goals, and tkae real action towards success. Unique Approach Throughout my life, I have learned that the approach laid out in the books isn't always the best way and to expect a person to reflect genuinely they must see a genuine reflection of what they are but also what they can become. I will guide you in your journey where you learn how to value yourself and maximize your potential. Private or Small Groups Some people respond best on their own one on one but others prefer being in a crowd or group. At Just a wee chat, you can choose the environment that works best for you. group counselling sessions or one on one time. Short & Focused Lessons Each session is 45 minutes long, for optimal effectiveness. Each client has a personalised plan to success made.   





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